About Us

Founded in 2014 ISFORE is a young SME specialized in the installation of FTTH network and the deployment of fiber optics on the national territory. Open on new technologies and telecommunications ISFORE wants to be a key player in optical fiber networks in the PACA region and Public Initiative Networks.

ISFORE’s ambition is to perpetuate its achievements and focus its skills on a fast-growing national market, which is part of the ” France très haut débit” plan (France high speed data network ​​plan)

Links to consult:

> Le plan France très haut débit

> France THD


> 2014 : Creation of ISFORE by Mr. Fabio Demuru. ISFORE draws optical fiber in the PACA region for its partners AXIANS, AXIONE, BOUYGUES TELECOM, SOLUTIONS 30, EIFFAGE, ENGIE, ERT, FREE, ORANGE and SPIE

> 2015 : Draw of optical fiber on Bastia and Ajaccio (3 months)

> 2016 : Deployment in Nice

Company chart

Our teams consist of about sixty professionals in the field and study office

In the field ISFORE consists of 60 employees:

  • 22 welders, 1 quality supervisor
  • 26 fiber blowers, 2 site managers

Each of them has received a CACES R386 certification

for mobile elevator platforms.

Office Party

  • M. Demuru Fabio, Chief Executive Officer and founder of ISFORE
  • M. Demuru Andréa, Director of Fiber Tech
  • M. Octau David, Director of OPTIRESEAUX
  • M. De Paolis Bruno, Director of I.S.R. and work leader
  • M. Louise Ashley, Director de Fiber Net and work leader
  • 1 executive assistant
  • 2 work leaders
  • 1 draftman
  • 1 administrative and technical assistant