> In Transport : From the optical connection node, draw and connection of fiber to functional points.

> D1 laying of fiber and connection from a Connection Point,  located in a draw room under pavement, and conveying to the building.

> D2– laying a rising fiber from the point of mutualization of the building

> Installation of a Connection Point (CP) on each floor of the building or each inter floor. From these connection points we deploy an optical link to the subscriber’s location and connect an optical socket.

Business areas

  • Drawing and connection Transport ORANGE
  • Drawing and connection D1 ORANGE
  • Drawing and connection FREE
  • Rising column SFR
  • Rising column ORANGE
  • Drawing and connection BTS SFR, FREE, BOUYGUES TELECOM


  • Fiber connection outdoors / indoors
  • Connecting optical sockets
  • In use fiber mutation
  • Measurements (insertion – reflectometer – PMD)
  • Installation of optical jumper / pigtails
  • Installation of optical splitters


  • Installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems on the city of Nice
  • Safety signage



The expertise of Isfore comes from the professional experience and qualified skills of our employees. First, our design office collects all fundamental data and information to achieve drawing plans through our specialized software. Once these plans are finalized our teams in the field draws of the optical fiber in room and overhead.


Portage of optical fiber on a highway section of the city of Marseille

FREE Training

Training at the operator Free to best meet the expectations of our client


Equipped with the FUJIKURA 70S PLUS welding machine, Stéphano performs the welding of the optical fiber – Nice Matin

Intervention zone



ISFORE maintains a complete and efficient fleet of vehicles equipped for connection in L0T underground cable draw-in-box (compressor, winch, unroller) and bucket trucks for drawing optical fiber overhead. We use SUMITOMO T71C and FUJIKURA 70S welders as well as JDSU 40000 (multi-mode-single mode) reflectometers

List of equipment:

  • 20 fully equipped service vehicles
  • 3 compressors
  • 2 winches
  • 8 unrollers including 1 vertical
  • 3 Nacelles
  • Sumimoto T71C welding machines
  • Fujukura 70S welding machines
  • JDSU 40000 + EXFO Reflectometers
  • 1 case with a full complete kit for connections (ST-SC-SC / APC-IC / APC-LEMO)